Fauna Recovery New Zealand

Make the biggest difference, with the fewest dollars...before it's too late


Welcome to Fauna Recovery New Zealand, the conservation arm of The Sue Freitag and Barry Dent Charitable Trust, New Zealand Registered Charity Number CC46108.

The Charitable Trust is the philanthropic vehicle for Sue Freitag and Barry Dent, their Family Trust, and associated businesses, including BDG Synthesis Limited.  The Charitable Trust gives to projects in the social development and nature conservation areas.  In the social development area, we have been supporting the Books in Homes program since 1999. On the conservation side, we are focussed on recovery of New Zealand's land-breeding animals and their ecosystems and have worked in this area since 2002.   The purpose of this site is to allow other like-minded people to get involved, through being informed via our free newsletter and by giving money to the projects.

Our Conservation Niche

We are helping the recovery of New Zealand's land-breeding threatened animals through funding discrete projects, which are often species translocations or predator control for existing populations.  Land-breeding animals includes seabirds, arguably our bigest claim to endemism fame. We also help with ecosystem restoration on public and private land (part-owned by the Trust). We think we bring a zero-overhead, technically competent, effective and money-saving approach to conservation, and would like to explain our way of working and project selection to you:


Books in Homes

We are concerned that New Zealand's social and educational indicators are falling behind other first-world countries. Since 1999 we have supported Books in Homes.This program targets every child in 550 elementary schools in the lowest-decile areas, and aims to break the cycle of booklessness in many poorer families...