Fauna Recovery New Zealand Migrating to WordPress

Wondering what happened to our newsletters?

Our website faunarecovery.org.nz is now hosted on WordPress. The revamp is to coincide with our much greater emphasis on the Puangiangi Island restoration project from now on, and my retirement which means no more IT Department to manage complicated websites. The template chosen is designed to be easily readable on mobiles, tablets, notebooks or PCs- let me know if there is anything you need done with readability (apart from changing “program” to “programme”- sorry Ruth, Barbara et al., no can do). If you are a regular user of WordPress you will be able to add this site to your reader, or you will be able to follow updates by email by subscribing using the button at the bottom of the menu. This will eliminate the need for our newsletters and allow for longer-format articles. Thanks for reading, Barry Dent.