Alpine Geckos

New Zealand has some very strange alpine geckos, and more rare and beautiful species are periodically being discovered, most falling into the endangered category.

harlequin rod morris doc
Harlequin gecko. Photo: Rod Morris, DOC

Very early on we funded some survey work for alpine geckos in the Takitimu Range, Sinbad and Esperance Valleys.  Poor weather and other factors meant nothing significant was found, but some promising habitat was documented with recommendations for future surveys.  This seemed to be pretty unsuccessful, yet one of our lizard experts was complimentary about the project in 2015 and said that progress was being made in the area, including the securing of third-party sponsorship.

More tangibly, we were told about alpine gecko and other species work being undertaken from an old bivouac in an undisclosed location. Brent Beaven from DoC euphemistically said that “the existing bivvy is nearing the end of its life expectancy and is inadequate for both an alpine situation and the increased work load associated with the gecko work”.


A new hut was built and it’s said to be an improvement.


Funded by Fauna Recovery New Zealand ($32,000).

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