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And, see our YouTube channel, which has some video of the island wildlife, and usually a live stream of a bird nest or a water trough and its visitors:

Giving Money

First up, thanks for thinking of us, but we don’t really need the money. This project is intended to last for hundreds of years and ultimately through donations and bequests from our founders, there will be enough money for that long-term vision. But, we can and do gratefully accept donations. Please contact us by way of the form below, or directly by email to barry/dot/dent/at/ We can accept donations in any currency. New Zealand tax resident donors will receive a receipt to enable you to claim your donation rebate. Very large donations may help us expand the number of conservation projects we support.

If you would like to make a micro-sized one-off contribution, you are welcome to use the Ko-Fi button on our YouTube channel or at This will help for the nice-to-haves, like live streams and producing videos. (Contributions through Ko-Fi are not considered donations by the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department and we can’t give a donation receipt for them.). Be assured that giving does not get you on a mailing list and you will not be contacted to give repeatedly!


You can also consider leaving a legacy to us in your Will. This is not a step to be taken lightly but one that’s proven rewarding for some people already. We’d urge you to discuss this step with us, and your lawyer, before proceeding.

Thanks for reading!

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